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The Attack of the Mallory opening scene

Attack of the Mallory is an interactive video which allows the viewers to choose where Dominic and Brett go next in order to save them from Mallory.


The interactive video starts with Dominic and Brett eating some donuts. It is soon found out that they were stolen from Mallory and that she is willing to kill them in order to get it back. Dominic and Brett then go through a series of fights due to the fact that each one thinks that they are right. Getting fails will lead to Dominic and Brett either screaming in fear or (likely) dying. Getting correct answers will eventually lead to Dominic and Brett threatning Mallory with the help of Mr. Sparkles. Once Mallory is defeated, they can then be shown finding out that they still have Mallory's donuts, leaving the video on a cliff-hanger as Mallory yells in anger.

Character Appearances


  • Tyler trying to eat the puppy was a reference to Thinking of You.
  • When Dominic asks how throwing a rock could work, Brett says: "It will kill her." This however, can hardly be heard.
  • Brett calls the stuffed chick Mr. Sparkles and Mallory calls it Mrs. Sparkles.
  • Dominic breaks the fourth wall by admitting that Brett has been wrong the "entire video."
  • It is revealed that Teddy isn't the only living stuffed animal.
    Attack of the Mallory Interactive Adventure - Dominic Productions

    Attack of the Mallory Interactive Adventure - Dominic Productions

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