Beiber Fever XL 0001

The Bieber Fever opening scene

Dominic is faced with his hardest challenge yet, surviving a whole song of Justin Bieber!


Dominic is sitting in his living room when the channel suddenly changes to a Justin Bieber song! Dominic is quickly effected by the Bieber Fever and falls to the floor in pain. After a while of crawling to get to the remote, Dominic finally reaches it but passes out due to the Bieber Fever. However, when the show is about to sing another song, Dominic manages to wake up one last time but once again fails to end the show. The video ends with Dominic dying and Mallory coming in to watch the show.

Character Appearances


  • The video Dominic is watching at the start of Bieber Fever is Movie Madness.
  • If you look at the T.V. screen at times, you can see that the clips come off youtube.
Bieber Fever - Dominic Productions

Bieber Fever - Dominic Productions

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