Bob Willikers

Bob Willikers is a salesman who often deals with selling foods to help people lose weight. He has a dog named Foo-Foo who can always be seen sitting on his shoulder.


Total Randomness 6

Bob Willikers makes his first appearance in Total Randomness 6. He tells the viewers that he is selling a new product called: Super Food. With Super Food, the users will no-longer have to worry about gaining weight every time you eat your food! He then switches over to some buyers think of his new product. However, no-one seems to like it. Shortly after this, Bob goes crazy and begins to cry because no-one ever buys his products.

Total Randomness 7

Although he doesn't appear in Total Randomness 7, Bob Williker's picture can be seen during the ending picture credits.

The Tyler Show

Bob Willikers finally returns in Evil Guy's flashback. Bob Willikers can be seen giving Evil Guy scissors and telling him to run as fast as he can. This causes Evil Guy to trip and hurt himself. This also some-how causes Evil Guy's path to be evil.


Bob Willikers seems to be new to the selling buisness. He often gets carried away in his sales and appears to be very sensitive. He has a strong dislike for un-healthy foods.


Bob Willikers wears a shirt showing pictures of Chck Norris, (in which the sleeves are pulled up). He also wears a lop-sided hat and keeps his dog Foo-Foo on his shoulder.


  • The idea for Bob Willikers was around for a very long time before the video.
  • Bob Willikers was the first of 3 different salesman shown since.
  • Bob Willikers is the only person to have his picture at the end of Total Randomness 7 (who wasn't in the video).
  • Bob Willikers role in The Tyler Show, was going to be given to Evil Guy's dad.