Commissioner Jackson

Commissioner Jackson is the head of defence in the United States Secret Service. He often finds out what troubles are occuring, and where. He then contacts Lazy Boy to take care of the problem.


Lost Videos 1

Commissioner Jackson makes his first appearance in the lost video short: Lazy Boy. He calls Lazy Boy on the phone and states that the old abandoned lake is on fire. Lazy Boy quickly hangs up after this.

Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer

The commissioner returns in Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer. He is seen calling Lazy Boy again and telling him that the time for action is now.


Not much is known about Jackson. He seems very serious most of the time and also very dedicated to his job.


The Commissioner wears normal cloathes most of the time. Along with this, he has a notable mustache.


  • It is unknown how an old abandoned lake could be on fire.
  • The name Commissioner Jackson was thought up by Brett himself. The name has never actually been said.
  • Commissioner Jackson contacting Lazy Boy is similar to Commissioner Gordan contacting Batman.