Darth Maulory

Darth Maulory

Darth Maulory was a character in Dominic Vs. Brett. She was on neither side and fought Dominic and Brett at the same time.


Dominic Vs. Brett

Darth Maulory makes her only appearance in an episode of Dominic Vs. Brett. She comes out of no-where and fights Brett and Dominic in Dominic's Room. She seems to have the upper-hand until Dominic takes away her lightsaber. After that, she runs away.


Darth Maulory laughes and likes to talk during battle. She will try to intimidate her opponents in any way possible. She may seem tough, but she will flee a battle in fear if lost.


Darth Maulory wears a dark shirt and hood. Her favorite wepon is a purple lightsaber. It also seems that she can turn her eyes red.


  • Due to the fight with Darth Maulory being "bad", it was re-done later on.
  • Darth Maulory was set to return in the final episode of Dominic Vs. Brett, however, this was cancelled.
  • When Darth Maulory exits the closet at the end, she can be heard saying "ow".
  • Darth Maulory claims she is Darth Sidious while fighting Brett.
  • Darth Maulory is a clear reference to Darth Maul.
  • Darth Maulory could arguably be the first character of what would eventually become Dominic Productions.