The Dominic Productions Halloween Special opening scene

Dominic and Brett plan on making a scary video. Little do they know that they are in great danger of a very real threat...


Dominic visits Brett in order to make a Halloween video that involves a creepy Sock Monkey. They try to film but the props disappear and strange things begin to happen to the two of them. Such as hearing voices or seeing things appear out of nowhere and then vanish. Eventually, Brett is possessed by the Sock Monkey and kills Dominic.

Character Appearances


  • The idea of Sock Monkey being possessed came from a true story in which that exact sock monkey kept vanishing and re-appearing in random places.
  • The Wolf was played by Brett as well as the Hockey masked guy. However, Dominic played as Hockey Mask when they both needed to be on the screen at once.
  • This video has more effects in it than any other.
  • This is the first Dominic Productions Aftermath video and the first video EVER to be scary.
  • This entire video was filmed at Brett's House.
  • After the lights stop flickering, a saw can be seen placed on Dominic's stomach.
  • Sock Monkey actually speaks in Latin up until he says "go" and "become one...with us."
    Dominic Productions Halloween Special

    Dominic Productions Halloween Special

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