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Dr. Tidy

Dr. Tidy is in charge of weapons and technology for the Clensys. He is deeply in love with a robot he made, named HAL.


Tom Fancy (Video)

Dr. Tidy appears in Tom Fancy (Video) offering Tom Fancy and Soapy Junior some new spy gear. After giving the gear to the heroes, he proceeds to show his robot HAL to the to them. Everyone is disgusted but the doctor still goes out on a date with the robot as they enjoy the rest of the day.


Dr. Tidy makes spy gear and is a some-what respected member of the Clensys. He is in love with his own creation which he named HAL. The two of them go on dates and he is nice to her and the other members.


Dr. Tidy wears a fancy shirt and often carries spy gear or HAL with him. Due to being the member of the Clensys, it is presumed he is addicted to keeping things clean. He also wears science goggles with a magnifying glass stuck through one side.


  • The name HAL was taken from HAL 9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey.
  • Oddly enough, HAL seems to have a mustache and small beard.
  • It can be assumed that Tidy also finds some of his spy gear, due to him not knowing what some of the supplies even are.