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Evil and Hobo Cop

Evil is a deadly "bandit" who supposedly robbed a building and tried to get away with it. He has a short-temper and is pretty good in hand-to-hand combat.


Hobo Cop (Video)

Evil is seen walking by Hobo Cop who quickly thinks that Evil is the robber he has been looking for. Hobo Cop chases Evil and they both get into a fight. Evil loses the battle and is apparently taken to jail.

Walrus Man 2

Although he doesn't appear in Walrus Man 2, Evil's name can be seen on a book called: How to be a "cool" villain in 3 & 1/2 days. It is unknown if he really wrote the book or not.


Not much is known about Evil. But some may assume that he is a crafty bandit and short-tempered. He isn't afraid to run from a cop or fight one for that matter.


Evil wears normal clothes most of the time.The one thing that distinguishes his cloathing is the name tag he wears which says: Hello: I'm Evil!!! It has also been shown that he can fit just about anything in his pockets.


  • It is unknown if Evil really was the bandit or not. But most clues support the fact that he is guilty.
  • It is also unknown if Evil's name really is Evil. This could just be something to support the fact that he is a bandit.
  • According to Walrus Man 2, Evil wrote this book:

    Evil's book