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Hippy Cop

Hippy Cop is a layed back hero who fights crime. He is good friends with Hobo Cop and has proven himself to be a good singer.


Hobo Cop (Video)

Hippy Cop's voice can be heard when he calls up Hobo Cop and tells him that a bandit is robbing a bank. He then proceeds to run into a McDonalds without care.

Hobo Cop Vs. Hippy Cop

Hippy Cop makes a real appearance in Hobo Cop Vs. Hippy Cop. In which the two have a rap battle in order to find out who is the better cop. Hippy Cop is given three turns to rap and ends it by saying he is going to take a nap.


Hippy Cop is seen as a layed back hippy who roles with the punches and is hardly ever surprised. It has been revealed that he is 117 pounds and is pretty "awesome." He prefers not to go into a battle himself and will call up others to take a mission for him.


Hippy Cop dawns many hippy related items such as yellow (circular) glasses, a peace-headband, and a long mustache. He also sports colorful clothes due to him being a hippy.


  • Hippy Cop was going to have VERY big side-burns, but this was scrapped.
  • He is the only character to wear glasses.