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The Hobo Cop opening scene

Hobo Cop goes on a mission to arrest a deadly bandit who doesn't play by the rules.


Hobo Cop gets a call from Hippy Cop, who states that there has been a break-in and that Hobo Cop should check it out. Hobo Cop quickly finds a bike and rides to the building, only to cause a car wreck to which he refuses to help. He then meets with Fat Guy (the owner of the house) in order to find the bandit faster. At last, Hobo Cop finds the bandit and chases him. Both Hobo Cop and Evil get into a fight. But in the end, Hobo Cop wins and begins to take the bandit to jail.

Character Appearances


  • Hobo Cop can be seen riding his bike AWAY from the building he later stops to visit.
  • Fat Guy breaks the 4th wall when he mentions how he and Hobo Cop look alike (because of being played by the same actor).
  • Fat Guy breaks the 4th wall again when he mentions how he wanted to watch Total Randomness 3 on DVD.
  • Despite Hobo Cop throwing away his walkie-talkie during the chase scene, it appears in his pocket again later on.
  • An obvious reference to Thinking of You can be noted by the mind-reading device in Evil's pocket.
    Hobo Cop

    Hobo Cop

  • Brett states that he has a dog named Foo-Foo. This is also the name of Bob Williker's dog.
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