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Joe Dirt is the leader of the Dirtites and nemisis with Tom Fancy. He wishes to make the enite world dirty and defeat

Joe Dirt

all the Clensys.


Tom Fancy (Video)

Joe Dirt is found buying ugly clothing and Tom Fancy and Soapy Junior are sent after him. Joe is finally approached by his enemy Tom Fancy who wants his stolen toothbrush back. The two of them get into a duel and Joe successfully shoots Tom with mustard. However, Joe is caught off-guard when Tom reveals he is actually wearing a second shirt and then proceeded to shoot Joe with hand-sanitizer. The defeated Joe hands over the toothbrush and is left to escape by Tom Fancy.


Joe Dirt used to be a Clensy but ended up quitting in order to join the Dirtites. He has been through tough times and has now fully become one with dirtiness. He often makes rude remarks and is prone to violence. He is also a gloat-er and is not to good at minding his surroundings.


Joe Dirt wears a sleeveless shirt with stains on it and normal shorts. He has a VERY hairy back and also wears shades. Joe keeps mustard with him at all times and wears a hat with a picture of a foot on it. Closer examination reveals mustard stains on his cheeks. Upon ripping off his back-hair, Joe drapes it over his shoulders.


  • Tyler was originally going to play the part of Joe Dirt, but it proved to be to difficult for him.
  • A deleted scene reveals Joe Dirt talking with a fellow Dirtite, preparing for Tom's arrival.