Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy is a super-hero who often lays in bed being as lazy as he can. Despite saying he loves being lazy, he actually seems to hate it.


Lost Videos 1

Lazy Boy is seen lying in bed trying to reach a remote, he fails at this and is later called by Commissioner Jackson who asks him to put out a fire at the old abandoned lake. Lazy Boy hangs up and continues to relax. He later falls through the side of the bed, and is burried by all his junk.

Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer

Lazy Boy comes back in Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer. He first appears standing next to Captain Observative as they ask Walrus Man if he needs some help. He is later seen standing alone (sleeping while standing up). In his last scene, Lazy Boy attends a meeting in which Hobo Cop gives the heroes a pep-talk. While the others team up, Lazy Boy is still sleeping.

Tom Fancy (Video)

Lazy Boy is visited by Tom Fancy and Soapy Junior in their search for Joe Dirt. They believe Lazy Boy knows important info and he is interrogated by Soapy who can't even succeed in waking him up. The two Clensys find what they are looking for and leave.


Lazy Boy is extremely lazy and only cares about himself. He will often not reply to others or not listen. He has mood swings at times and can go from loving something, to hating it. Despite being lazy, it can be assumed that he used to be heroic. It can also be noted that he still lives with his mom and can handle great pain.


Lazy Boy wears a red coat that is un-zipped. It can be assumed that he never changes clothes due to him being lazy.


  • It is unknown how old Lazy Boy is supposed to be seeing as he lives with his mom yet still helps people in need.
  • Lazy Boy has the ability to sleep while standing up.
  • In Walrus Man the Movie -Trailer, Commissioner Jackson calls Lazy Boy and tells him that the time for action is now.
  • In Tom Fancy (Video) Lazy Boy is referred to as a hobo who somehow has something to do with the Dirtites.
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