Lost Videos...

The Lost Videos opening

Three different clips: Big Kid Now, Awesome Sauce, and Lazy Boy, are packed into one big video.


Big Kid Now, is a short clip that shows kids having fun in their new diapers. Awesome Sauce is a video about Dominic finding some awesome sauce that will make him more awesome than Chuck Norris. He eats it and blows up, because no-one can be more awesome than Chuck Norris. And Lazy Boy is a video about a "hero" who lays in bed all day, doing nothing.

Character Appearances


  • Lazy Boy was going to be it's own video. But it wasn't funny enough.
  • Big Kid Now and Lazy Boy really aren't lost videos.
  • Awesome Sauce was uplodaed on to youtube long before Confidence for Idiots. Making it the only "lost video".
  • This marks the first appearance of: The Mask.
  • Hobo Cop's jacket can be seen in Lazy Boy's room.
  • A reference to Dominic Vs. Brett can be noted by the Jango Fett mask on Lazy Boy's table.
  • Lazy Boy's phone is actually a camera.
  • Spy's glasses can be seen on Lazy Boy's table.
Lost Videos

Lost Videos