Lost Videos 2

Lost Videos 2 opening

Three different clips: Being Stupid, Cowboy Song, and Average Man, are packed into one big video.


Being Stupid is a video about Dominic trying to beat the game Perfection. It doesn't work and Dominic is blown up in the process. Cowboy Song is a short video about a cowboy who sings some country music. And Average Man is a parody to the commercial "The most interesting man in the world." The video explains the average man's daily life.

Character Appearances


  • Like most videos from Lost Videos 1, most of these are not "lost."
  • Dr. Zedison's gag glasses can be seen on a door-knob, still in it's package.
  • Dominic does put in all the pieces. But one jumps out somehow.
  • Dominic blowing up, is a running gag in Lost Videos.
  • As the cowboy plants some seeds, something is thrown at him from a different direction.
    Lost Videos 2

    Lost Videos 2

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