Mr. Stache

Mr. Stache

Mr. Stache is an old friend of Dominic. He is often seen hanging around in his room. Many people don't trust him.


The Great Pringle Mystery

Mr. Stache make his first and last appearance in The Great Pringle Mystery. He is confronted when Dominic accuses him of stealing his food. Mr. Stache insists that he didn't do anything and slaps Dominic in the face.


Mr. Stache seems irritable most of the time. This can often lead to violence and anger. He used to be friends with Dominic, but they no-longer seem to hang out anymore. Due to his very big hat, he has trouble seeing.


Mr. Stache has a curly mustache and wears a green shirt. He also wears a large hat that covers his eyes and causes him to trip often.


  • Tyler agreed to play Mr. Stache as long as he got to wear the mustache and hat.
  • Mr. Stache originally wasn't supposed to have a hat.