Ready for Action 0001

The Ready for Action? opening scene

Macho-Nacho-San and Not-Such-a-Good-Name-a-San battle to the death in this epic showdown.


Not-Such-a-Good-Name-a-San stands in The Yard until he is confronted by macho-Nacho-San. Macho-Nacho-San explains how he has come back to kill Not-Such-a-Good-Name-a-San for kicking him off his home planet. The two warm-up for a while before attacking one-another with their powers. When this fails, they get into a fist fight in which Not-Such-a-Good-Name-a-San wins. Macho-Nacho-San then explains that even if he dies, he will still come back from the dead in season five.

Character Appearances


  • Not-Such-a-Good-Name-a-San breifly laughs at the end of one of his lines.
  • 2 versions of this video exist. One with regular effects. The other with advanced effects.
  • The Mask appears multiple times during this video.
  • Fat Guy appears in the bloopers of this video even though he wasn't in it.
  • Mallory can be seen running in the background in some scenes.
  • This video has displayed the most effects out of any other.
  • (Because of the wind) Tyler's voice tags a long with a caption on what he is saying.
  • Speech and effects are off-sync in one version of this video.
    Ready for Action?

    Ready for Action?

    Ready for Action? (Normal Version)

    Ready for Action? (Normal Version)

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