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Shady Pirate Guy

The Shady Pirate Guy is a mysterious "pirate" who sells strange items to people at random. He speaks in a very low, grizzly voice.


Thinking of You

The Shady Pirate Guy appears at the start of Thinking of you. He is shown trying to make a basket but is un-able to do so. He then successfully sells Dominic a mind reading device and leaves.

Lost Videos 3

Although he doesn't appear in this video (in person) The Shady Pirate Guy's picture is shown when Stupid L. Face mentions terrorist attacks.


The shady pirate guy is very self-centered and believes he is better than everyone else at everything. He is shown to be a good salesman as he does successfully get Dominic to buy a rip-off product. Along with this, he is very mysterious and silent.


The Shady Pirate Guy wears dark cloathing and shades. He also has green hair and a hat that may distinguish him as a pirate.


  • The Shady Pirate Guy's face was never going to be shown.
  • Three different people nearly got the role as the Shady Pirate guy.
  • Originally, he was supposed to just sell the item and quickly leave. However, he plays basketball in this video.
  • It is unknown if he is really a pirate or not.
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