Soapy Junior was a new member of the Clensys who assisted Tom Fancy in his journey to find Joe Dirt.
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Soapy Jr.


Tom Fancy (Video)

Soapy Junior visits a Clensy base and quickly becomes a new member who is trained by Tom Fancy himself. Soapy learns all about the Clensys from his mentor and eventually assists him in hunting down Joe Dirt. Soapy Junior and Tom go on a journey and question multiple people before reaching Joe. To keep Soapy safe, Tom tells him to stay behind. Once the battle was over, Soapy figured out that they had done "all of this" for a toothbrush. Soapy decides to quite and leaves the Clensys.


Soapy long dreamed of becoming a Clensy and as such was probably a neat-freak. Soapy is often loud and quick to start a fight, but he also has a knowledgeable side to him as well as being a bit sarcastic. He seems to be an okay fighter and knows how to interrogate people with ease.


Soapy Junior wore normal clothes with really nothing odd about them.


  • Due to filming issues, Soapy was nearly scrapped several times AFTER the video was already half-way done.
  • Soapy appears with multiple objects such as guns, glasses, or even a guitar that seemingly come from no wear.