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The Spy

The Spy is a minion of Evil Guy and often hangs out in Evil Guy's Fortress, watching Captain Observative. He is later used as a soldier for The Dark League.


Total Randomness 6

Spy makes his first appearance in Total Randomness 6. He can be seen watching Captain Observative and telling Evil Guy that he is getting stronger.

Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer

The Spy appears again in Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer. He is now a soldier and spy working for The Dark League. He can first be seen texting on his phone and stopping suddenly to show respect towards Teddy. He is later seen again being choked by Timmy. The Spy gives away his partner's plans to free The Ultimate Evil.


The Spy is very serious. He is dedicated to his job and is a master spy. He CAN fight, but this is never shown. It can be assumed that he is very obedient to his boss. It should be noted that he likes to text.


The Spy wears shades over his eyes and a military-like shirt. He carries around binoculars and probably has many other spy tools.