Dominic has an engaging conversation... with a murderer!
The Call 0001

The Call's opening scene


Dominic is sitting in his room when he suddenly gets a call from The Murderer. He tells Dominic that he is about to be killed and Dominic is understanding and okay with this. Over the next few phone calls, the two become friends and The Murderer decides not to kill Dominic. This angers Dominic who hangs up is frustration. The Murderer then calls Brett and gets upset when he is told that Brett likes Batman movies instead of scary movies.

Character Appearances


  • Dominic voices Brett in the phone call.
  • Dominic's ringtone is the Dominic's Clues theme song.
  • At one point, the items behind Dominic (on the doorknob) constantly change. Ranging from a helmet, a water gun, two jesters' hats, and the mind reading device.
  • Brett's picture is taken from Ready for Action? and contains the words: Call Me Maybe.
  • This video is a parody of Scary Movie.
  • The Mask is not in this video.
    The Call - Dominic Productions

    The Call - Dominic Productions

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