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The Doctor

The Doctor is a worker at a hospital who successfully brought Walrus Man back in action after he was shot by Teddy.


Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer

Walrus Man opens his eyes only to find The Doctor standing above him. The Doctor then calls for the nurse to hand him a comb and glove. He then knocks Walrus Man out for an unknown reason. He is seen again at the end of the video, asking if there is a walrus in the building.


The Doctor does his job fast and well. He successfully healed Walrus Man after a bad shot to the chest. He seems to like to comb his hair quite often.


The Doctor wears a mask that covers his mouth. Besides this, there is nothing strange about his clothing.


  • The Doctor was going to have a longer appearance, but this was cut out.
  • The role of The Doctor was going to be played by Brett.