The Great Pringle Mystery

The Great Pringle Mystery opening scene

Dominic loses his pringles and goes on a detective mission in order to find the theif.


The video starts out with Dominic getting knocked out, and his pringles are stolen. He searches the house and the The Yard, but there is no sighn of the theif. He eventually suspects his old friend Mr. Stache of stealing the food. However, Mr. Stache refuses to admit he did anything, and slaps Dominic in the face. Eventually, Dominic figures out that it was Mallory who stole the pringles. But before she hands them over, the video ends.

Character Appearances


  • It is never explained what happened to the Root-Beer.
  • When Dominic wakes up, you can see actual blood running from his upper lip. (This was actually caused by the book!).
  • A lot of the background music was taken from a game called Split-Second.
  • Mr. Stache stays in Dominic's room. Which is where the video begins.
  • When Dominic enters Mr. Stache's room, he is missing his shades.
    The Great Pringle Mystery

    The Great Pringle Mystery

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