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The Tyler Show title scene

Tyler interviews some cast members and characters from the Dominic Productions universe.


The Tyler show starts out with Tyler beating up one of the workers, he quickly dismisses this and starts some interviews. Tyler speaks with Fat Guy first and begins to talk about Fat Guy's weight-loss program and how it isn't working out. Fat Guy is offended by this and leaves. Dominic then enters the building and begins to talk about his newest video. Tyler however, doesn't seem to care and tells Dominic to get out. Tyler then calls for Mallory Montanna to enter the building, but after seeing her dance, Tyler calls on security to get her out. The next guest is Brett who simply sits still the whole time (spacing out). Tyler then calls on his final guest: Evil Guy. Evil Guy tells Tyler some stories of his life, but Tyler doesn't care and tells Evil Guy to get a real job. The video ends with Tyler beating up one of his workers again and by finding out that Evil Guy now delivers pizzas.

Character Appearances


  • Tyler's shirt changes as the video moves on.
  • In the beginning of the video, there is no couch near the door. But towards the end, a couch appears.
  • The couch Tyler is sitting on, gets smaller as the video goes on.
  • This is the last appearance of Evil Guy.
  • Dominic breaks the 4th wall by saying that he is making a "talk show" (The Tyler Show).
  • Brett spacing out is a reference to Thinking of You.
  • Evil Guy's speech was not supposed to be interrupted.
  • The computer behind Brett has a bunch of photos of him.
  • In all of Evil Guy's flash-backs, his mask is put on correctly.
    The Tyler Show - Dominic Productions

    The Tyler Show - Dominic Productions

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