The Young and the Hopeless 0001

The Young and the Hopeless opening scene

Brian returns to Martha to bring her back to the baby dolphin farm before it is to late.


Martha enters her room only to find Brian waiting for her. He explains how Lucas and his band of poachers are attacking the baby dolphin farm, and he needs Martha's help to stop them. After some fighting between the two of them, Martha admits that she is now in love with Hobo Cop because he is funny. The video ends with everything freezing dramatically.

Character Appearances


  • Martha's "hair" falls off at the end of one scene.
  • Every scene Hobo Cop appears in, the item next to him on the dresser changes. The changes range from The Mask, Dr. Zedison or Mr. Stache's hat, and a helmet.
  • This video is taken off of Total Randomness.
  • This is the first time Hobo Cop as APPEARED in a video and been addressed by his name.
  • This video was going to be preformed at Aunt's House at first.
    The Young and the Hopeless

    The Young and the Hopeless

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