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The Thinking of You opening scene

Dominic gets a mind reading device. What could go wrong?


Dominic is playing basketball when suddenly the Shady Pirate Guy stops him and sells him a mind reading device. Dominic then runs around reading everyones mind. Often, this leads to angry and creepy thoughts. In the end, Tyler takes Dominic's mind reading goggles and uses them to find that Dominic's head is only filled with static.

Character Appearances


  • The video starts out in the dark, but eventually turns much brighter.
  • While Brett begins thinking about chinchillas, it can be noted that he is wearing a shirt with a chinchilla on it.
  • This video took many days to finish and also has the most places shown out of any other video.
  • There is no hidden mask in this video.
    Thinking of You

    Thinking of You

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