Tom Fancy.

Tom Fancy

Tom Fancy is a main member of the Clensys and saves the day from his enemy Joe Dirt, often.


Tom Fancy (Video)

Tom Fancy is met by Soapy Junior who wishes to become a Clensy by training under Tom. Tom Fancy teaches Soapy as much as he can about the club and then proceeds to take him on a mission to defeat Joe Dirt. The two question multiple people and eventually find their way to Joe Dirt. Upon finding Joe, Fancy decides it is to dangerous for Soapy and leaves him behind. Tom and Joe have a duel, ending with Tom getting shot with mustard. Just when things are looking down, Tom reveals he is okay and successfully defeats Joe and retrieves his favorite toothbrush. Tom Fancy then walks into the sunset, tripping at the very end.


Tom Fancy is a strong/wise leader and a well-respected member of the Clensys. Although he can be smart and quick-thinking at times, Tom can also be confused or tricked easily and also can get angry with relative ease as well. He is addicted to keeping everything clean and will arrest anyone who violates this rule. Tom Fancy is also vary caring and protective at times and will only go so far as to put a new member in minimal danger. It should also be noted that he is superstitious.


Tom Fancy wears two different formal shirts and often wears normal shorts or long pants in other scenarios. He wears sunglasses and also has a hidden magnifying glass on his person. In case of emergencies, Tom wears an extra shirt under his normal attire. It should also be noted that he carries stickers which are also used as money or bandages.


  • The name of Tom Fancy was taken from the author Tom Clancy. When Clancy came up in a conversation, Dominic ms-heard it as "Tom Fancy" and thought the very idea was so funny that it deserved a video.
  • Tom Fancy wears the same shirt as Lumpy Seahoarse.