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The Tom Fancy opening

Tom Fancy and Soapy Junior go on a adventure to stop the evil Dirtites and their leader Joe Dirt.


Soapy Junior meets Tom Fancy and joins the Clensys. He learns all about the club and it's enemies and is then sent on a mission with Tom to hunt down Joe Dirt. After questioning multiple people, the two heroes find Joe Dirt and Tom tells Soapy to stay behind because he "isn't ready." Tom Fancy and Joe Dirt get into a fight and just when it seems evil has won, Tom manages to defeat Joe and get his toothbrush back. Soapy quits when he realizes how stupid all of it is.

Character Appearances


  • Captain Observative was originally going to have a cameo appearance at the beginning of the video.
  • Both Soapy Jr. and Tom Fancy's shirts' constantly change throughout the video.
  • This is the longest video in Dominic Productions and also took the longest to make.
  • Dr. Tidy disappears when Tom and Soapy leave the room yet appears afterwards in the same place.
  • This video was originally going to be uploaded onto facebook in two parts.
  • There are other versions of this video with advanced color.
  • The map Tom Fancy receives says: "Walrus Man waz here."
  • The script can be seen on the table while the two heroes go out to eat. It is used as a menu.
  • Tom Fancy's disguise resembles the face drawn by Brett in U-Witness News.
  • The duel at the end of the video and the fact that a character trips could be a reference to Total Randomness 7.
  • Brett getting punched by a ninja was later re-uploaded involving Brett getting punched multiple times.
  • The ninja that appears in this video is not The Ninja which appears exclusively to Total Randomness.
    Tom Fancy - Dominic Productions

    Tom Fancy - Dominic Productions

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