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Dominic has a random adventure around his house. Who will go insane first? You or Dominic?


Dominic starts the Total Randomness Trilogy by going around his house, pointing at random things. This is one of the only Total Randomness videos that has no short skits anywhere in it. And no new characters appear in this video. There are no bloopers in this video, but there are repeated clips.

Character Appearances


  • The background music used for this clip and all the videos to come is called Beethoven's Symphony.
  • It took five tries to get the bike crash scene correctly done.
  • If you listen closely, after Dominic video tapes the cow, he can be heard saying "I don't know."
  • The original name for this video was shortly called: Total Randomness. This was because the makers were un-sure if there would be a sequel.

Total Randomness 1