Total R.

Total Randomness 5

Captain Observative gets his own music video that is sure to put a smile on your face.


We see an average day in the life of Captain Observative. This entire video is a music video, so there are no repeated scenes, hidden ninjas, or bloopers.

Character AppearancesEdit


  • Evil Guy can be seen peeking through the window in this video.
  • When Captain Observative gets out of bed, a pair of binoculars and glasses similar to Spy's binoculars and glasses can be seen next to him.
  • Captain Observative's identity can breifly be seen during the video.
  • Captain Observative's Cape and other parts of his costume constantly fall off during the video.
  • A hole can be noted at the top of Captain Observatives mask.
  • When Captain Observative falls asleep, a remote can be seen on top of his head.
  • Captain Observative breaks the fourth wall when he watches clips from Total Randomness 3.
    Total Randomness 5

    Total Randomness 5

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