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The Walrus Man opening scene

A touching story of a boy, a walrus, and a dream.


The video begins with Walrus Man walking sadly around a house and eventually fades into a flash-back of what happened. The flash-back shows how Walrus Man failed to save his bear: Teddy from Dr. Zedison and now he is sulking over it. However, Timmy finds Walrus Man and gives him a pep-talk to get over it. Walrus Man listens to Timmy and is suddenly shot by Teddy. The very person he tried to protect.

Character Appearances


  • Timmy can be seen walking around The Yard at the start of the video.
  • Mallory can be seen hiding behind a tree during the pep-talk.
  • Walrus Man was originally going to be shot by Dominic from Water Wars.
  • The Mask is not in this video.

    Walrus Man