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The Walrus Man 2 opening scene

Walrus Man sets off on a new mission to stop Dr. Zedison once and for all.


The video starts out with Walrus Man sneaking into Dr. Zedison's base by hiding under a box. After a while of hiding, Walrus Man breaks out of the box and attempts to stop the doctor. The two get into a pointless conversation, but eventually get back to the matter at hand. Dr. Zedison's Intern successfully captures Walrus Man and Dr. Zedison proceeds to tell him that his real plan is to destroy the world (or two acres of land). With that, Dr. Zedison leaves the captured Walrus Man with the bomb. However, the Intern unknowingly switched the bomb with a CD player and upon trying to listen to some music, both the Doctor and the Intern die in a 2-acre-wide explosion. Meanwhile, Walrus Man is now stuck with horrible music playing on the CD.

Character Appearances


  • According to the front page of the "How to be a cool villain in 3 & 1/2 days" book, it is written by Evil. However, Dr. Zedison later says that it was made by Dr. Suess.
  • It is unknown how Dr. Zedison plans to escape earth if he destroys it.
  • In the scene where Walrus Man and the doctor stare at eachother: Walrus Man appears not to move, his nose fades away, and things is the background are seen in double-vision.
  • Dr. Zedison breaks the 4th wall by saying "let's just get back to the plot of the video."
  • The Mask is not in this video.

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