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The Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer opening

Walrus Man and his new team face off against The Dark League in order to save the universe.


Walrus Man wakes up in the hospital, only to find that his way of life is threatened when an evil group known as: The Dark Leauge tries to take over the universe. Walrus Man is joined by other heroes such as Captain Observative and Lazy Boy. Together, they work to defeat these threats while the Dark League makes plans of it's own. Walrus Man and Hobo Cop can be seen giving words of encouragement to other members of the group.

Character Appearances


  • The weirdo mentions Total Randomness 3 if you listen carefully.
  • This video has more characters in it than any other.
  • If you watch closely, Timmy slaps the Spy after he gives some information.
  • When Dr. Zedison interrupts Evil Guy, he can be heard talking about Total Randomness 3.
  • Something can be seen on Captain Observative's shirt as he searches for Walrus Man in the rain.
    Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer - Dominic Productions

    Walrus Man the Movie - Trailer - Dominic Productions

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